A Telltale Secret- Word count :o)

Hello Everyone!
I hope this post finds you all doing well and happy!

So I did a word count recently on Chapters One and Two. The Combined Total is just about 6,500 words. Im very happy about this number! I decided that I will end up with 30 Chapters and Im going to divide the book into 3 parts. When Im finished, the entire book should have around 97,500 words. This number is my goal number! Right now Im working on Chapters 3-9, editing and adding more detail and just what I need to complete the full picture. Once I finish Chapter 10, I will post a plot summary and a new word count! I have a great deal written so far, so hopefully it wont be too much longer!

I hope you all have a great day, and keep reading!
Mj :o)

4 thoughts on “A Telltale Secret- Word count :o)

      • …fun counting words isn’t it?! (Well, you know what I mean, i.e. the computer does it, but even that’s fun!) Have you ever listened to the Monty Python’s ‘Novelist’? If not, check it out on iTunes. It’s HEELARious! Too true. Happy writing, love MoonWynd


      • Oh My, I Thought I replied, I am so sorry! … I gotta tell you, as the number kept climbing I got more and more excited lol. It’s def fun, and I’m so excited to get the editing finished. It’s going to be fantastic. 😀 … I happen to LOVE Monty Python. They are hilarious. The Meaning of Life is the best! I will look into that. I also want to try to find Monty Python’s flying circus on DVD. That would be spectacular. 😀


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