A Telltale Secret- Word Count 3 :o)

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you all happy and well!!!

So i finally finished Chapters 5 and 6! I have been quite busy lately so it took a bit longer than expected. Lol. Last night though i could finally go to sleep having finished chapter 6!

So i did a word count just a few minutes ago and the grand total with chapters 1-6 combined is 17, 201 words!!! I danced around my living room while my husband sat on the couch gobsmacked and impressed. I never expected a number so big!!! Im so excited!

Its becoming more and more real to me, and i know that writing is what i was born to do!
4 more chapters everyone and i promise i will give you a plot summary!

Stay safe, happy, and above all, keep reading!


2 thoughts on “A Telltale Secret- Word Count 3 :o)

    • Why thank you! My goal is 97,500 words but ill be ok if its less lol and i want to have 25- 30 Chapters :o) my goal is to write an entire series of 5 books with each book centered around a new key. The keys are magical, the most magical parts of each book. Because of that i wanted to keep all the other fantasy and magical elements in the background. Im really excited with the way my story is moving along. I cant wait to post my plot summary! I just want to make sure i am far enough along to post a great summary to leave everyone wanting more! Thank you so much again! :o)


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