Word Count 6- Telltale Secret :o)

Omg I’m really really excited! I know it’s been over a month since my last update, but I was having serious plot issues. I finally was able to work past them when my husband sat me in front of my laptop and made me figure it out lol. So for you my darling Danny, I dedicate this Word Count. For Believing in me, and never letting me give up. I Love you. ❀

So. The brand new Word Count for Chapters 1-12 total words written is – 35, 528 Words.

The New Page Count is – 129.8 Pages. So Close to 130 Pages! πŸ™‚

I’m Almost halfway to my New Goal of 75,000 words. It Just makes way more sense! 97,500 was a very lofty goal, but I will be so proud of myself if I can write 75,000 words.

I Hope this post finds you all Happy and Well :o)

Stay Happy and Don’t ever stop reading!

Mj :o)


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