Word Count 10- Telltale Secret :o)

Hello Everyone!

I Hope this post finds you all doing well and Happy!

I am here now to Announce that I have Edited and Completed my Novel “A Telltale Secret” It’s taken me a little less than a year to Complete and I am so Proud of every word. I can’t wait until everyone in the world gets to read it!

I am also now working on my Query Letter. I often refer to it as a Magical piece of paper because I have no idea what is on it or what I have to write. This Query Letter is also Magical because it will be the first impression any Publishing Agent or Publisher will have of My Novel. I’m very excited to get it finished and be another step closer to achieving my dream!

So Now I will give you all My Last and Final Word and Page Count before Publishing.

Word Count- 75, 257 Words

Page Count- 310.7 Pages

I hope you all have a most wonderful day or night, depending when you read this!

Please, Don’t ever stop Reading, Writing or Dreaming! The world is Yours. You Just have to have Faith, Courage, Determination and Always Believe in Yourself! No dream is too small and if you don’t go out there and grab it, it will never be yours. You must never ever stop believing in your dreams! Never Stop Fighting for them and Most Importantly, You must Never Give Up!

~ Mj


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