Word Count 11- Telltale Secret :o)

Hello Everyone!

I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

Well, I thought the last word count would be the final one before publishing but I was very wrong. Please excuse me while I go smack the back of my hand πŸ˜› I guess this is all part of the incredible adventure I began almost a year ago. To which adventure am I referring? Aaaahhh, it would be the one that began with me writing a novel. A series of Five to be more exact.

I do however now have the plot of Book 2 nailed down. I have it figured out for the most part and will begin writing it sometime this week. Hopefully. As long as there’s no major catastrophes including but not limited to … The end of the world (The mayans were a tad off on that one!), an asteroid strike, A Massive weather meltdown, another black plague, the spread of the ebola virus, etc. As long as nothing earth shattering comes to pass, then I will begin writing again.

The Title for Book 2 you ask? For the time being – A Telltale Magic. It is not in stone yet and For now I’m just going with it, as I’ve learned that nothing is ever truly in stone with blood, forever and ever Amen. So for now we will say it is where it is. When I begin writing again and I have a clearer picture of the second installment of my Telltale Destiny series, I will as I have before, provide you all with a plot summary.

So, should I get to the new word and Page count? Sure, but first let me explain how it happened.

The other night I began reading (I hadn’t really read a book since I started writing A Telltale Secret, except The Hunger Games Trilogy but I devoured them all in 3 days and lost more sleep than any normal person should!)Β  Anyway, I hadn’t read a book in a very long time. The other night I began reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. Halfway through the first chapter it occured to me that it wasn’t necessary for me to constantly point out who was talking during two person conversations. So I knew I had to go back and edit. In the process I added more, changed tenses of words, deleted way more commas than were actually necessary and Some more stuff, leading me here. To a New word and Page count. So here for you all, the new counts.

Word Count- 83, 317

Page Count- 344

I was quite surprised and excited to see this count! Also, so Far I’ve recieved 3 rejection letters. I’m still trying to figure out a most creative way to save them. I know it will eventually come to me. In the meantime, I will continue to send out my Query and wait.

I hope you all have a most wonderful day or night depending when you read this post!

Never Stop Reading and Never Ever Stop Dreaming!



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