Word Count 2- Telltale Magic :o)

Hello Everyone!!! I Hope this post Finds you all well and happy!!!

So, I would LOVE to tell you all the New Word and Page counts, but for those of you who read my novel blog, you know I’m not just going to give it to you that easily. I have to update you on the Goings on in my Writing Journey!!!

So. I have so far Queried 66 Agents and Recieved a Total of 22 Rejection Letters. I was told by my friend’s grandmother that I’m not a true Author until I can wallpaper a room in Rejection Letters. I then declared that I will wallpaper my entire house with Rejection Letters if I have to. This is what it’s all about everyone, my proving to the world and even the cosmic universe how serious I am about succeeding as a writer. I will keep Querying and all the while I will keep writing my series.

Next. Agent #22 Not only responded to my Query, but she said she would LOVE to READ my ENTIRE MANUSCRIPT!!! You can imagine how exciting this was for me. I mean, Upside Down, Inside Out, Bouncing off the Ceiling, Got No Clue What I Should Do variety of exciting!!! … Today is 2 weeks to the day that Ms Agent has had my Manuscript. Very Exciting!!! So, I’m going to keep writing until I hear something!!!

I’m also going to take a short break from writing A Telltale Magic to finish editing Bella Muffin Bakes a Rainbow Cake and get it submitted to the Katherine Paterson Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing Contest. The deadline is June 30th. I still have time but it will creep up real fast if I don’t get it submitted soon. So I have that to do.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The Counts. Are you all ready? Are you sure? Really? Sure Sure??? Okay, I’ll give em to you Already Haha.

These Counts are for Chapters 1-4

Word Count- 16, 582

Page Count- 68.5

I’m very excited about the way my counts are going. I’m still not sure about how many Chapters I’ll end up having, but I’m also still at the beginning.

I hope you all have a most wonderful day or night depending when you read this!!!

Don’t Ever Stop Reading and Always Believe In Your Dreams!!!

~ Mj

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