Limited Holiday Release Pre-Order: A Telltale Secret

Hello Everyone!!! I hope this Finds You All Well and Happy!!! 😀


In celebration of my cover reveal, Broken Bars Publishing is Releasing ‘A Telltale Secret’ for a Limited Time. Pre-Order your copy today, so you can have it just in time for this coming Holiday Season!!!

 Get it while it’s HOTTT and Get it While You Can!!! Only Available until December 13th!!! Surprise the Favorite Reader in your life This Holiday Season!!! Are you a Reader? Treat Yourself this Holiday Season!!! It’s G Rated, so if you know an Early Reader who LOVES Chapter Books, Surprise Them!!! You DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!!! This is a LIMITED Holiday Release!!! After December 13th, You Will Have To Wait Until April 10th!!! HURRY UP AND GET YOUR COPY!!!


“They speak about the keys as often as they speak about the dead and those who’ve vanished or disappeared. They’re all just gone from this world and never spoken of again, as if they never existed.” ~Willow Rain.


Willow lives in a seemingly perfect world with her sister and their nanny, on a planet where those who are deemed useless seem to vanish without a trace, along with those who speak of the forbidden keys. When she gets her chance to be of use, she begins on the path to her destiny when the magical key is set in her possession. With it, she embarks on a journey to another world in search of her parents and slowly she uncovers the mysteries that surround her family’s past, present, and future. When she uncovers the deepest secret of them all, the difficult path ahead of her reveals the true purpose of her life.

 Pre-Order Your Copy Here!!!

I Hope You ALL Enjoy My Debut Novel!!!

Always believe in your dreams and don’t ever stop reading!!!




8 thoughts on “Limited Holiday Release Pre-Order: A Telltale Secret

  1. I have known MJ RAIN for a very long time. MJ puts her heart and soul into everything that she does. Very proud of her for accomplishing her dreams, and a huge congratulations on her First book. 🙂 go get them tiger 🙂


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