Cover Reveal: Wronged Desires by Lillian Mackenzie Rhine

 Cover Reveal: Wronged Desires by Lillian Mackenzie Rhine

Book Name: Wronged Desires

(Book #1 ~ Never Throw Stones Series)

Genre: Interracial/Multiracial


Publisher: Amira Press

Release Date: January 17, 2014



We all want love, but

sometimes love can be a difficult thing to

acquire and keep long lasting. Victoria Sutter, a divorcee, understands this

concept better than most. She was once so in love that nothing else mattered,

but even that love could not hold up to the ills of the outside world and the

insecurity of her fragile heart.

Kemington Sutter, on the

other hand, has never and will never

stop loving Victoria like his last breath. With this in mind, he is willing to

do whatever it takes to fortify Victoria and show her that what they had can be

reborn and everlasting.




Lillian MacKenzie Rhine (“Lilly Mac”)

writes in several genres

ranging from paranormal to historical. She believes that the possibilities of

creation should not be limited to just one category, but allow the story and

characters to dictate where the journey leads. Being a beta reader for several

years has allowed her to write her material with the reader in mind giving her

books a more realistic and relatable approach.

Her debut novella, Memoirs

of a Succubus, is a loose rendition of

her life portrayed into a

paranormal format. She has gone on to write a steamy,

vampire romance novel, Winter’s Island, two months after her debut release with

many more works in progress releasing about every two months. Her website is

also full of free reads and interesting posts that are enjoyed by many genders,

races, and adult ages.


“An open mind expands all

horizons, and I do not want to miss a

thing.” ~ Lilly Mac



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