Happy New Year!!! / Last and Final Word Count- ‘A Telltale Magic’

Happy New Year!!! Last and Final Word Count- ‘A Telltale Magic’



I know I’m a little late but I made it before the first week of 2014 ended!!!

So, I have GREAT News!!! I have FINALLY finished writing Book 2, ‘A Telltale Magic’!!! Such an Awesome way to start the New Year!!!  I’m very much looking forward to Writing Book 3. I think it’s going to be my favorite book in the series!!! The Title is still a Mystery!!! I will be Most Happy to Reveal it when My Facebook Author Page Reaches 1,500 Likes!!! As of right now, I’m ONLY 53 LIKES Away!!! I’m Also Going to Post a 2nd Teaser from Book 2!!!

I’m also still waiting to hear from Cutthroat: A Journal of The Arts, as to whether or not my Poetry will be Published in their Next Print Edition of their Magazine!!!

I just want to Remind you All that The Official Release Date for ‘A Telltale Secret’ is April 10th, 2014!!! It will be Available on The Broken Bars Publishing Website, Amazon, Kindle, Nook, and Barnes and Noble. It will be Available in Paperback and E-Copy. Mark Your Calendars and Make sure you get The First Book in my ‘A Telltale Destiny’ Series!!!

So now, My Last and Final Word and Page Count for Book 2, ‘A Telltale Magic’

Word Count- 79,418 Words

Page Count- 327.9 Pages

I was actually very excited when I saw My Word Count!!! I was only expecting it to be just above 70,000. I was SO HAPPY!!! I thought it was going to be SO MUCH SMALLER than Book 1. Now, I know it won’t that much smaller at ALL!!!

I hope You All are Happy and Well!!!

Never Give Up On Your Dreams and Don’t Ever Stop Reading!!!




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