Author Spotlight: AE Pattion

Author Spotlight: AE Pattion


Current works:   Sweet Nectar  delves into the passions of my desires.  the desires of the soul, and tantalize the body into ecstasy, available February 2014 just in time for lover’s day.

Published: My Soul Spoke Out first published poetry book is captures the essence of life.

WIP’s :  Eight Urban Fiction Books,  A Children’s Poetry Book Series, A Self-Reflection Book.

My penname is A E Pattion.  Ordinarily I am quite introverted.  Outspoken and all laughs with friends, however on an ordinary day I am quite a self-thinker.  I allow my writing to be a voice that speaks thousands of stimulating words.  I am an teacher by profession and a writer by heart.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.  I am also working on seven urban fiction novels and a children’s poetry series.  My goal is to be a Renaissance woman of writing.  Striking readers It is written to infatuate the mind, stroke in various genres with my books.

Where To Find AE Pattion

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Personalized Poetry by AE Pattion-Click here to Buy Your Own!!!



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