Blog Tour: AE Pattion

 Blog Tour: AE Pattion



My penname is A E Pattion author of My Soul Spoke Out.  Ordinarily I am quite introverted.  Outspoken and all laughs with friends, however on an ordinary day I am quite a self-thinker.  I allow my writing to be a voice that speaks thousands of stimulating words.  I am an teacher by profession and a writer by heart.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.  I am also working on seven urban fiction novels and a children’s poetry series.  My goal is to be a Renaissance woman of writing.  Striking readers It is written to infatuate the mind, stroke in various genres with my books.

Works In Progress

Eight Urban Fiction Books,  A Children’s Poetry Book Series, A Self-Reflection Book

 Sweet Nectar

Full Outline (2)


Like a bee suckling the honey from its hive, I thirst for the sweet nectar your body exudes.  Overwhelmed by the taste,  I am insane with erotic thoughts of overdosing on your sugary treats.  Your inner core envelopes my being, I pant at visions of our sexual explorations.  Allow my lips to roam the entirety of your beauty.  Drizzle my tongue with your candy coated love.

 Can’t you see I am addicted to the passion of you?  One tantalizing lick is not enough to satisfy my desires.  Stroking fingertips bring forth  luscious honey gushing from your inner most secrets.  I am in need of a fix, a high only you can supply.

 Bodies molded together to fit as two puzzle pieces.  I am your muse; you are my clammed pearl.  Together we are the essence of arousal.  Antagonize my senses with your flirtatious sexuality.  Tease me with your contours, provoke me with soft kisses.  Overindulge in my honey-like aroma.  Savor the aftertaste of our fiery intimacy.  Your sweet nectar of love infatuates and captivates.  My will is suffocated on your delectable flavors.

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