Author Interview: Gwen Selix

Author Interview: Gwen Selix



1. What is your Name and/or Pen Name?
Gwen Selix
2. Is there a special story that explains how you got your Pen Name, if you have one?
The first name Gwen is short for Guinevere *King Arthur’s wife* it has been my favorite name since I read “The stories of King Arthur.” I read this when I was like four. I have always though the name was beautiful and often used it as my main characters name in short stories I wrote in high school and college.
In September of 2011 I found out my Grandma was really sick. I wasn’t dealing it with well I found an escape and some peace in the world of Harry Potter. My best friend and I would text back and forth about having characters in the Harry Potter world. We created stories and ideas. One day MJ told me I should start writing down these stories and ideas so I did. I was suddenly writing again. and the character I picked was Gwen Redfield who would later be Gwen Malfoy. I started an account on DA *Devart* and I was Gwen Malfoy. I started building a small fan base for my Harry Potter Fan Fiction. People loved it. I was told by several people there as well as MJ that I should think about writing my own book. And I did. I was so excited to be writing again. I stuck with the name Gwen because people already knew me as her.
Selix is my favorite part of this story. Selix is my Grandparents last name. Two people who always supported me in whatever I did with my life. The world of Evermore and most of Shadows came to me in the weeks after my Grandma had passed away. I still to this day believe she had a hand in my imagination creating that world. I decided to use their last name to keep them close always. I know they would be beyond excited about me using there name.
So my pen name Gwen Selix takes two of my favorite things and creates one beautiful name.
I decided a while back that if I have to do initials for my book I would be known as G.H.Selix which stands for Gwen Helen Selix. Helen was my Grandmas middle name.
3. Who is your Favorite Writer/Author?
J,K, Rowling she inspired me. F.Scott Fitzgerald, Marry Higgins Clark.
4. What is your Favorite Book/Book Series?
My all time favorite book is the Great Gatsby. My favorite series is the Harry Potter series.
5. What made you decide to be a Writer?
When I picked up my first novel at the age of 3 I knew there was something magical about books. I loved reading them and running away to the worlds they offered me. It was about the age of 5 when I decided I wanted to write down all the stories I had floating around in my head and create worlds for others to get lost in like I did. I wanted to badly to be a part of the world that creates other worlds.
6. Who/What inspires you the most to be a Writer?
There are three things that inspire me the most to be a writer. The number one was and is my Grandparents. They supported me in everything I did and kept every piece of writing I ever gave them. Including my first fanfiction Ghost Writer from my childhood. Number two is J.K. Rowling I read Harry at a bad place in my life and it made me want to write again she inspired me to take a chance on myself and my writing. The last one is my Reading. I love to escape to other worlds as much as I love creating them for others to go to.
7. What do you find has been inspiring your Stories and Characters?
For Shadows of Pandora, the one thing that inspired me was my Grandmother in the days after she passed away I had this reoccurring dream. It was about this girl name Ariana and a boy name Garrett. I wrote it down one night but put it to the side. When I had the same dream over and over again for almost a week straight I knew I had to write their story. It is now Shadows of Pandora and coming soon.
8. What do you ABSOLUTELY have to have with you while you are Writing?
There are two things I absolutely have to have with me when I write. 1 is my surface I have to have it to write on it is the best device I have ever owned. The second is music I have to have something playing to keep me writing. Music is so inspiring!
9. What kind of Music do you listen to, if any? Favorite Singer/Band?
I listen to all types of music. My two favorite bands are The Beatles and Green Day. Favorite Musician right now is Macklemore he is awesome. I listen mostly to classical music or soundtracks when I am writing the calm sounds help me write better.
10. What is your Favorite Research Tool?
My favorite research tool hands down is Google!
11. What is your favorite part of Writing a Story/Novel/Song/Poem/Article?
My favorite part of writing is creating my characters I can spend hours creating their lives and what the look like. I also really love to write romantic scenes that make your hear jump right out of your chest.
12. What is your favorite Genre to Write/Read?
My favorite genre to write would have to be Fantasy with Romance mixed in. I love Fantasy because it all comes out of my imagination there is no right or wrong when it comes to that. I can create it anyway I want and never have to worry about people checking the facts. It is so liberating.
13. If you could only Choose 5 Novels, for the rest of your life, which ones do you choose?
Only 5! Well I would have to pick I would say Great Gatsby, one big book with all the Harry Potter’s in it, One big book with all the Significance books in it, Alice in Wonderland, and the Secret Garden.
14. If you could meet any Writer, Living/Dead, who would it be?
Hands down J.K. Rowling that right there is my dream.
15. What do you most want to Accomplish as a Writer?
I want to make a change for the world and myself. But if I am to be really honest I want to be able to look back and say I did something spectacular with my life and was able to make a living doing so.


Where You Can Find Gwen Selix

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