Broken Bars Publishing Presents … A Contest for ALL Writers!!!

 Broken Bars Publishing Presents … A Contest for ALL Writers!!!



Are you a writer?

Do you want to get published? Don’t want the cost of publishing your book yourself?

Purchase a copy of “A Telltale Secret” and send your manuscript for a chance to get your book published by Broken Bars Publishing, for FREE.

After You Make Your Purchase, Submit Your Manuscript to!!!

10 Winners will be Chosen for a FREE Publishing Contract!!! That’s No Typo, TEN Manuscripts will be Chosen!!! Don’t Miss Out on This Incredible Opportunity!!!


Click Here To Purchase Your Paperback Copy of ‘A Telltale Secret’!!!

Click Here for More Information about The Contest on The Broken Bars Publishing Website!!!

Click Here To Join The Contest Event on Facebook!!!

*Please Re-Blog This Post and Share it ALL Over The Internet!!! This is a Wonderful Opportunity for Every Writer Out There!!! If You Join The Contest Event on Facebook, PLEASE Invite ALL of Your Writer Friends who Will be Interested!!! Thank You SO MUCH!!!*

 A Telltale Secret




Five Keys. Two Parallel Universes. One Destiny.
Willow lives in a seemingly perfect world with her sister and their nanny, on a planet where those who are deemed useless seem to vanish without a trace, along with those who speak of the forbidden keys. When she gets her chance to be of use, she begins on the path to her destiny when the magical key from her dreams is set in her possession. With it, she embarks on a journey to another world in search of her parents and slowly she uncovers the mysteries that surround her family’s past, present, and future. When she uncovers the deepest secret of them all, the difficult path ahead of her reveals the true purpose of her life.

Come with me and discover what became of the people of Atlantis!


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