Author Interview-Viv Drewa

Author Interview-Viv Drewa



1. What is your Name and/or Pen Name? Viv Drewa

2. Is there a special story that explains how you got your Pen Name, if you have one?
3. Who is your Favorite Writer/Author? Stephen King
4. What is your Favorite Book/Book Series Anything paranormal, thriller, or both.
5. What made you decide to be a Writer? Reading and the stories my Grandmother made up when I was small.
6. Who/What inspires you the most to be a Writer? Reading. The more I read the more ideas I have.
7. What do you find has been inspiring your Stories and Characters? Could be a picture, person, saying, sometimes they just come to me.
8. What do you ABSOLUTELY have to have with you while you are Writing? Even though I do 90% of my writing on my laptop I have to have pens, red, black and green, and paper.
9. What kind of Music do you listen to, if any? Favorite Singer/Band? I like it quiet. Though when I’m in writer’s block Mozart does wonders. I read about that last year and it DOES work.
10. What is your Favorite Research Tool? I prefer being able to talk to people, either on the phone, in person or on the web.
11. What is your favorite part of Writing a Story/Novel/Song/Poem/Article? The research. I love learning.

12. What is your favorite Genre to Write/Read? Paranormal, thriller, action/adventure. I really love anything that has to do with ghosts.
13. If you could only Choose 5 Novels, for the rest of your life, which ones do you choose? To read? The Stand, It, Frankenstein, Dracula, and Sherlock Holmes.
14. If you could meet any Writer, Living/Dead, who would it be? Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King.
15. What do you most want to Accomplish as a Writer? Just to write. I’m not interested in becoming famous or rich, though that wouldn’t be a bad thing.
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