Author Interview: Emma Lynn

Author Interview: Emma Lynn



1. What is your Name and/or Pen Name?

Emma Lynn

2. Is there a special story that explains how you got your Pen Name, if you have one?

I was actually going to use my middle name-Emma Rose- but I wanted something that sounded different, at least to me, and I liked the name Lynn. I just put the two together and voila!

3. Who is your Favorite Writer/Author?

That’s a hard question! I love Shelly Crane. I’ve read all of her books and I know for sure I’ll continue to read them.

4. What is your Favorite Book/Book Series

Vampire Academy. Rose Hathaway is amazing.

5. What made you decide to be a Writer?

I was actually reading a book-The Hunger Games- and was inspired to write something. I wanted people to feel all these emotions from words that I wrote. It turned into a short story but it got me into writing.

6. Who/What inspires you the most to be a Writer?

Definitely my sister. She’s always there to knock some sense into me when I get anxious about writing. She’s worked hard and pushes me to be my best.

7. What do you find has been inspiring your Stories and Characters?

Lately it’s been television shows. The way characters act and how they respond to certain happenings in life. People watching has also inspired some characters I’ve written about. The mystery around who they are has me creating life stories for them.

8. What do you ABSOLUTELY have to have with you while you are Writing?

Well, it may sound weird but sticky notes! I like to write things on them and stick them to my computer screen. Just a simple ‘you can do it!’ always makes me feel better. Also, chocolate has a special spot on my desk.

9. What kind of Music do you listen to, if any? Favorite Singer/Band?

I listen to any music. I like Pandora the best when I’m writing. I’ll go from 60’s to everything in between, ending in Irish pop music. My favorite band is The Avett Brothers.

10. What is your Favorite Research Tool?

Google. For me, there is no other research tool.

11. What is your favorite part of Writing a Story/Novel/Song/Poem/Article?

My favorite part of writing is coming up with the ideas. I always get so excited when I add an important part for later, or setting up ideas for cliffhangers.

12. What is your favorite Genre to Write/Read?

I actually have two! I love writing fantasy and paranormal, it makes me push myself to think outside the box since there are so many ideas out there. I try to come up with something different.

13. If you could only Choose 5 Novels, for the rest of your life, which ones do you choose?

Divergent, Significance, Immortal Instruments, The Help, and Vampire Academy.

14. If you could meet any Writer, Living/Dead, who would it be?

Edgar Allan Poe. He’s my favorite poet.

15. What do you most want to Accomplish as a Writer?

The one thing that I hope gets accomplished is having someone read my book and gets inspired to write. Writing is amazing, whether it’s a short story, novel or poem. It’s hard but it’s definitely worth it.


Where You Can Find Emma Lynn

Official Website




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