‘A Telltale Secret’ is Now Officially Available WORLDWIDE!!!

‘A Telltale Secret is Now Officially Available WORLDWIDE!!!



It’s Officially OFFICIAL!!! ‘A Telltale Secret’, Book One in my ‘A Telltale Destiny’ Series was Released WORLDWIDE on April 10th, 2014!!!

It’s Available on Kindle and Nook, with Paperback on Amazon. ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! The Paperback is also available on the Broken Bars Publishing Website!!!

*Proceeds from the sales of each and every copy of my book benefit (RED). (RED) Provides ARV’s (Anti-Retro Viral) Medications to Those in 3rd World Africa who are Afflicted with HIV/AIDS. My Goal is to Raise $25,000 for (RED). My Goal for 2015 is to take a Mission Trip to 3rd World Africa and be a Physical Part of Bringing an AIDS FREE Generation into the World in 2015. Each and Every one of my Readers is IMPACTING 3rd World Africa. Every Dose of ARV’s is EQUAL to Another DAY OF LIFE!!! I will be an Activist in the Global Fight Against HIV/AIDS Every Single Day for the Rest of My Life. I am inspired by my Husband Danny, who was Born HIV+ and Now Lives his life with AIDS.*




‘A Telltale Secret’



Willow Rain lives in a seemingly perfect world with her sister and their nanny, on a planet where those who are deemed useless seem to vanish without a trace, along with those who speak of the forbidden keys. When she gets her chance to be of use, she begins on the path to her destiny when the magical key from her dreams is set in her possession. With it, she embarks on a journey to another world in search of her parents and slowly she uncovers the mysteries that surround her family’s past, present, and future. When she uncovers the deepest secret of them all, the difficult path ahead of her reveals the true purpose of her life

Come with me and discover what became of the people of Atlantis!!!

Where You Can Find ‘A Telltale Secret’

Amazon in Paperback

Kindle US

Kindle UK

Kindle Canada





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