Support Indie Film Project: The Rogue Table – A Short Film


The Rogue Table – A Short Film




Presented by I’m With Geek Media/Cinelanguage Films – A Film by Sarah Cook

Abandoned. Forgotten. Used. Sent to Gumtree. Ebay. Or even the skip. You use them every day but what if they fought back? What happens when they fight back? What happens when our table goes………….ROGUE?

Hello, I’m Sarah Cook and I am the director and writer of The Rogue Table. The project is a ten minute short film with a similar vein to The Mighty Boosh and Big Train. We want to take a surreal idea and give it depth, life and more importantly – hilarity. With a phenomenal team behind it, The Rogue Table started off as a midnight discussion that led to it lifting off into this now promising short film that we hope to screen across the world!




The story follows John, a lazy “young professional” who couldn’t care less about life really. He works to eat, he works to drink and he works to party. Disregarding the feelings of his furniture has never been a massive deal for him but it has for his table. And now the table has got feels…of revenge!

This film has everything. Mystery, intrigue, weirdness and….table porn? It is truly is a film that needs to be seen to be heard. And made to be seen. But we need your support!


Our hope is that The Rogue Table kicks off a brand new series of short films called Literally Speaking in which this expanding cast and crew continue to produce creativity together! The idea is to take phrases and put them into narrative context. We already have a plan for many short films such as “thinking outside the box,” “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” and many more. If you support us from our humble beginnings with The Rogue Table, you’ll be the first supporters of this series and have first news or access to the upcoming films from this endeavour.

As a small production company, our funds are very limited. Your contribution to the budget will help with equipment costs, location hire, cast & crew expenses (food and travel and distribution. We appreciate every donation. Even a £1 will go towards a part of this production and we’re so grateful for any support. This budget has been worked out as the minimum we need so anything extra will be met with so much gratitude!

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