Rachel Bryk Memorial Fund

Rachel Bryk Memorial Fund



Rachel’s Story

As many have already heard twenty-three year old noted Dolphin developer, Rachel Bryk, took her own life on April 23rd. After spending many years struggling with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and online harassment due to her being a transwoman, she made a plan to jump off of the George Washington Bridge in New York City.

Rachel’s body has not yet been recovered and the family is planning to wait until such time to hold a funeral for her.  They are planning on helping her girlfriend, Faye, afford to travel to New Jersey for her memorial.The service and Faye’s transport will be a financial burden to them and we hope that you can pitch in to help them in this time of great sorrow.

Everyone has been overwhelmed by the show of support from the gaming and trans communities as well as countless others who were touched by Rachel’s life and work. We hope that you can continue to keep her family in your thoughts and assist them with her final expenses.


From Rachel’s Family

We are so overwhelmed by the kindness you’ve all shown over the past several days. While nothing can erase the sadness over her passing, it makes everyone feel a slight bit better knowing that you’re supporting Rachel’s family and remembering her.


Interview with Rachel’s Parents @ Asbury Park Press

Rachel’s Memorial Fundraiser @ GoFundMe





4 thoughts on “Rachel Bryk Memorial Fund

  1. Reblogged this on XQUIZIT and commented:
    I just saw Woman in Gold. When I read stories like this and think of what I just saw, I am deeply touched and saddened. But grateful that there are still kind and wonderful people out there. My deepest sympathies to Rachel’s friends and family.


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