I’m With Geek at London Film and Comic Con


I’m With Geek at London Film and Comic Con

Hello, we’re the team at I’m With Geek and yet again we are taking that road to one of Britain’s largest comic con conventions- LFCC. For those who don’t know, we’re a rapidly expanding website that writes hilarious, insightful and entertaining articles on everything geek. From the fantastic films to the great games, terrific television and comics, we’re a team dedicated in providing the very best in nerdy culture. Not only this but we also create videos, short films and podcasts for all your entertainment needs and are hoping to expand further, become better…go where no one has gone before…

We want to be there at London Film and Comic Con on the front line. We want to promote your incredible Cosplay and give you a chance to showcase it to our thousands of followers. We want to provide you with geeky entertainment at the event as well as giving back to the geek community. We hope to attend London Film and Comic Con this summer, as a non profit team, to meet you all and provide some enjoyable pieces too .

Whilst there, we’ll also be launching our brand new website AND will have competitions there too! You and your children can have your face painted and pose with silly props as well as enter our cosplay contest, from this you’ll receive an official photo. Not only that but we’ll be expanding upon our Get With Geek campaign which you will be featured in and we’d love to meet as many of you as possible.

But we need your help!

Our website is funded and supported by the editorial team Will, Graham and Sarah who all strive to provide this excellence, as well as small generous donations from our fantastic readership. Whilst we’ve put a deposit down on the table, we still need help with material, equipment and travel costs for our gaggle of geeks promoting, not just the site, but geek way of life. All donations you’ll gift to us, we’ll give something back and will continue to thank you as long as we all shall geek!




I’m With Geek’s Fundraiser on Indiegogo

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