Fundraiser Spotlight: Crown Replacement Fund

Fundraiser Spotlight: Crown Replacement Fund



From Joey Bardin

I didn’t take very good care of myself until I got clean and sober 11 years ago. I have had my crowns for 7 years. 2 weeks ago, a front crown got compromised and I have had to take my crown out to eat and I had a quote to get my crown replaced for $190 after the X-Ray.

On July 17th at work, my crown flew out of my mouth and it was lost. I have loved my smile and have been extremely self confident with the crowns.
Now with the crown gone, I need to get it replaced. ANYTHING will help whether it $1, $5 or sharing the link.

Whatever isn’t used will go to my wifes insulin pump account.

Thank you


While I am WELL aware that there are people out there worse of than I am and that my wife needs medical help, I am TRULY grateful for the outpouring of support and help.

Thank you.


Donate to Joey Here at Gofundme



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