Fundraiser Spotlight: Insulin Pump Fund

Fundraiser Spotlight: Insulin Pump Fund



From Stevie Lynn

I’ve had diabetes for 16 years. I have struggled to maintain my sugar levels. I have struggled to lose weight. I have spoken to my doctor recently and we both agree that an insulin pump would help me with my insulin and to get my A1C levels down.

The problem is I have no insurance and insurance would cost almost $500 a month with a $5000 deductible. Obama Care does not help me. I really want to live and be active a long time and at 49 I still have many years ahead. Diabetes can take that away from me. It can affect my liver, kidneys, nerves, circulation, heart. It slowly kills the inside of my body daily by starving the cells.

An insulin pump will deliver continuous insulin as needed throughout the day to help me maintain a good sugar level. I need financial help. This money will purchase the pump ($7000+) cover the specialist who has to proscribe it and the training needed to be able to use it and anything left over will go towards supplies.

Thank you and bless you for helping me and please share my story. Any questions, ask.


Donate to Stevie Here at Gofundme



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