Fundraiser Spotlight – Help Little Sophia

Fundraiser Spotlight – Help Little Sophia



Please help this family out. Their little girl Sophia has been hospitalized since 7/16 with bacterial pneumonia. They started out at Alice Hyde medical center in Malone then were sent to UVM hospital in Burlington that same night. Then today 7/22 she was transferred to a hospital in Boston. She has endured a couple of surgeries so far with more to come. Please help them with some of their expenses.

From Sophia’s Mom

Sophia had a cat scan today. The results show that there is fluid in/around her lung. The surgical team is hesitant to do any surgery because they do not know from the tests that have been done if the fluid is just in the pleural cavity or inside the lung as well. If they were to go in and find that the fluid is in the lung…then there might be a possibility that they would have to take that part of the lung out…which is scary to say the least. The surgeons want to avoid surgery if at all possible. She is making little improvements every day but its slow. She was able to breathe on her own with the help of a ventilator as backup for a little bit. She then got really feisty and had to be put back under. Little bit of progress being made.

Donate to Sophia Here at Gofundme




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