An open letter…

This is really quite fantastic!!! I love the writing, absolutely brilliant!!! 🙂

it's Jungian

Dear President Obama, and all Liberals,

Recently, everyone has seen a picture floating around Facebook, depicting our President asking “Why are you staying at home? why aren’t you out there voting?” I’ve given this question some thought, and come up with an answer. It’s one that won’t be popular, but the truth isn’t always well-received on a good day.  In fact, it disturbs, angers, and discomforts more people than it cheers, most of the time.

Despair. That’s the simple answer. To expand upon it, let me point out a few things that the Republicans and Tea Party have done. They helped to empower, train and arm people who have become enemies of America. They have started and continued a long, costly war on completely false pretenses. They have shut down our government, refusing to do anything until their childish demands were met, and got paid for every day they sat…

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