Author Spotlight: Stevie Conradi

Author Spotlight: Stevie Conradi



About Stevie

So far, I have stories in several anthologies, trying to get my name out there. And it’s a great way to get the background of my characters developed. Currently I am working on my very first novel, The Ghost of Myself. Set in New York, it features Inspector Franklin Gordon and his lover, lawyer Ryan Walsh. A killer is roaming the streets of the Big Apple, killing gays. Is this the doing of a religious fantatic, are these hate-crimes or do they have to deal with something even more sinister?
Oh, and did I mention there will be fantasy elements too? Think vampires, creatures of the dark and magic. Yes, magic is still part of my world.
Coming Soon!!!
Also, coming September 1st: Murder, Mayhem and Magic – The Casebook of Alistair Gordon. A co-write with Mel Skubich and published by Rock and Roll Saved My Soul, it features six Victorian Murder Mysteries with a twist.
All proceeds will go to BipolarUK, since Jeremy Brett who inspired us, was bipolar himself and this charity was very dear to him.
Where you can find Stevie

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