RIP, Leelah.

What a Tragedy. RIP. Leelah. ❤

it's Jungian

It was just a few days ago that a trans friend of mine told me about Leelah Alcorn, and I was just floored by what had been done. I’m sure everyone already knows the story, so I won’t use my blog to pull a full re-hash. I do want to say two things, though.

1. Mr. and Mrs. Alcorn: Shame on you. Fucking SHAME. Using your faith to crush your own child’s individuality and sense of self? Denying her contact and support from people who could have understood and helped her? Making her feel so isolated and worthless that she walked out in front of a semi truck? Obviously, you two can turn in your Christian cards, because you wouldn’t know love if it sat on your faces and wiggled. You’re awful, bigoted people, only worried about your own image in your neighbors’ eyes, and after you die, you can…

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