Thrifty is nifty!

I Love going to the thrift store. You NEVER know what you will find. I found the matching Saucer to a Fortune Telling Teacup my mom gave me!! Great Article!!! SO TRUE!!! 😀

it's Jungian

Okay, so. Some people, obsessed with the latest styles and the hottest labels, have a real stigma against thrift stores. I think that such fad-chasing is kind of shallow, and a great way to throw away tons of money that you don’t have to part with. If you’re like me, and dolling up on a modest budget, thrift stores are an absolute god-send. You can easily get an armful of clothes and accessories for less then $20, while you could easily spend four times that at a store that’s packing all the current trends in clothes. So, if you’re not living large, it’s a great way to expand your wardrobe cheaply. And of course, the folks there do see that everything that’s donated is properly washed before it’s tagged and hung on the racks, so you don’t need to worry about your purchases smelling of someone else’s unwashed body. You…

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