An Ex-Soldier’s Thoughts…

Happy 9-11 Everyone. From the eyes of a Soldier who also happens to be a brilliant writer. 😀

it's Jungian

So, we’ve come to the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. It’s not even 10:30 yet, and Facebook is already turning into a flood of soppy, sentimental ‘Never Forget’ mush. I can understand a lot of the sentiment behind this. After all, a lot of people died, the property damage was just amazing in scale, and the national shock was simply off the charts.

I was actually in the Army when it all happened, and I’ll never forget that day. We were all on our way from the barracks to the field to do PT, when a friend of mine came thundering down the outside stairwell, and asked if we’d heard about New York yet, and what had happened. Now, this was early in the morning. Before coffee, pre-Wheaties. Most of us were only half-awake. We didn’t know. He filled us in, and it was all anyone talked about all…

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