Ever since Mj started her writing journey in the Fall of 2011, she’s met some amazing writers and authors alike and she has made some amazing friends. She has received an overwhelming amount of support from the writing community and she is so grateful for it. Because of that, she loves to also help her fellow writers, authors, artists and anyone who falls into the artistic persuasion.

Also, in her mission to be a philanthropist, she also loves spotlighting any and all fundraisers. Sometimes we need that extra bit of help when we’ve fallen on hard times, or we just need a little extra boost to reach a personal goal for ourselves.

She’s very proud of all that she has accomplished as a writer and author. She’s worked extremely hard for the audience she has and she sees no reason why she shouldn’t pay it forward and help out wherever and whenever she can.


Author Spotlights

Artist Spotlights

Fundraiser Spotlights

***She’s very most likely to add more categories, but this is a great start***

***See each individual page under this tab for more information on what she needs from you***



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