An Angel’s Tale




This story originally started out as three lines, to what Mj believed to be another poem, but she learned how very wrong she was.

The first draft of book 1, titled  ‘Angel of Darkness‘, was written in November 2014 for NaNoWriMo. She wrote and completed the 50,000 word novel and submitted it a day early, becoming one of the many winners.

She originally believed it to be a stand alone novel, but as she continued to write her story, she knew it was the first in a series.

Mj has decided to rewrite book 1, changing the title to ‘Angel of Death’, to change the focus of the story and its content.

Books 2 and 3 will be titled, ‘Angel of Light’ and ‘Angel of Life’, making this story a Trilogy.


Collectively, the Trilogy will tell the story of a young Jewish man named Deiter, his wife Britta, and their daughter Raiyne. Together, they will all have to move between Heaven and Hell, while they attempt to find a way to spend eternity together.

But will they be ripped apart forever, or will the power of life defeat the power of death?

Mj will continue to post more information as it becomes available.






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