Alpha & Omega




Mj is currently writing a duology titled Alpha & Omega, an original Greek myth about what happened to and became of the lost civilization of Atlantis. Fall Out is the first half of the story, chronicling the events leading up to Atlantis’ catastrophic end.
When Mj realized she wanted to tell this story, she initially researched everything relating to Atlantis and Greek mythology. She’s spent many hours researching the classical Greek Gods and Goddesses and their stories. All of it has helped her uncover an untold story so she can lay this mystery to rest, once and for all.

Mj plans to release both under Maidenstone Press, which is Co-Founded by both herself and Gemma Williams.

Editing will also be done by Gemma Williams and the Cover Art/Design/Publishing will be done by Kate Marie Robbins.
Mj will  continue to post more information as it becomes available.



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