Kate’s Ye Olde Booke Cover Shoppe


Kate Marie Robbins is a Graphic Designer who makes Book Covers and various other kinds of photo edits for Authors, as well as Editing. Kate also makes Book Cover Charms, Necklaces, and Key Chains.

Mj is looking forward to having Kate start her Cover Art for A Telltale Destiny, officially starting her role as Book Cover Artist for Maidenstone Press.

Kate’s Ye Olde Booke Cover Shoppe

Email: yeoldebookecovershoppe@gmail.com


Kate’s Cover Art for her own book, Indigo.


This is just one of her many designs!


Ava is your typical teenage girl, hoping to spend her summer doing the usual: shopping, concerts, skateboarding, and hanging out with her friends. Her best friend Sera has other plans for them, learning how fly her uncle Mat’s hot air balloon. Their first solo flight turns out to be the adventure of a lifetime.

By magical forces, they are pulled into a world that is unlike their own: the world of Indigo, steeped in myths, legends, and a prophecy. Where nothing is what it seems, and where good and evil are not easily distinguished. Will the two teens be able to figure out whose side they are really on before it’s too late and find their way home?

Indigo for Kindle


Kate’s Book Cover Charms, Necklaces, and Key Chains.






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