Maidenstone Press




Maidenstone Press

Co-founded by Mj Rain and Gemma Williams.



Gemma Williams on Facebook 

Gemma will be the Editor-in-Chief, doing the editing for all projects and having the final say on all manuscripts. She will also be reading all queries and manuscript submissions, solely in charge of deciding who they publish. Mj couldn’t be more grateful to her because she doesn’t possess the ability to write rejection letters.

Gemma will also be contributing to Social Media.

Gemma is a Graduate of the University of Hull with a degree in Criminology/Sociology, currently pursuing a career in Teaching. She’s an aspiring author who moonlights as an Editor/Proofreader. She was the Head of Books/Editor for I’m With Geek as well as a contributing writer.

Mj often says that without all of the advice and constructive criticism she’s received from Gemma, her writing would not be what it is today. She can never be replaced and Mj knows how lucky she is just to know her, much less call her a bff. It took Mj 3 years to get Gemma to be as excited about her writing as she’s been. What Mj considers a Milestone in her writing career.


Mj Rain on Facebook

Author. Poet. Writer. Activist. Potterhead. True Blue New York Rangers Fan. Geek.

Mj will run social media and keep the website updated as often as possible. She wants to be able to focus on writing Fall Out & Echelon, and getting onto the #1 New York Times Best-Seller’s List.


Kate Marie Robbins on Facebook 

Kate’s Ye Olde Booke Cover Shoppe 

Kate is an Author, Book Cover Artist/Designer, Editor, and Co-Founder of RRSMS.

Mj and Kate have become dear friends who enjoy working together through RRSMS and are looking forward to their future with Maidenstone Press. They both share the same philanthropic vision for where they want their writing to take them in the future.

Kate will be the Book Cover Artist and Publisher for Maidenstone. Mj and Gemma agree that this is a great decision and have complete confidence in her abilities. Her past work speaks entirely for itself.

Kate also makes the cutest little charms that look exactly like any book cover/cd cover you want. It’s amazing.

Maidenstone Press absolutely welcomes any and all submissions.

Please, make sure your manuscript is properly formatted. There should be a cover sheet and it should be double spaced, Times New Roman 12pt font, and pages numbered. Please provide a query letter in the body of an email with your manuscript document attached.

The long term goal for Maidenstone Press, is to impact the world and cause positive change all over the planet. Once we get ourselves established and off the ground, we want to work on mission trips, fundraisers, and anything else we can to help those who are less fortunate. We are very committed to, and passionate about, achieving this goal.



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