Melly Jelly Revolution




Mj is very passionate about many subjects and causes. Her biggest goal as a writer is to use her talent to cause change all over the world. Her heart is always going to be in the fight against HIV/AIDS, but she also believes in and supports Human Rights, Civil Rights, The LGBT Community, Marriage Equality, Gender Equality, Gun Control Laws, The Affordable Healthcare Act, Ethical Treatment of Animals, Global Warming and Climate Change, Religious Equality, and many more.

Melly Jelly Revolution is the beginning of a mission to change the world. Mj is joined by her friends, Jennifer Scully and Kate Marie Robbins. They all share the same common desire to cause positive change and be activists.

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JK Rowling, My Literary Hero



JK Rowling is Mj’s literary hero. She wrote Harry Potter, which is the BEST book series she’s ever read. Her favorite book is book 5, titled ‘Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix.’ It’s not only the biggest in the series, but it brings everything to light. If the movie was made just like the book, it would be favorite movie in the series. The movie does NO justice for the book and if it was done right, it would have been just as spectacular.

Jo Rowling though, is incredible. When she wrote Harry Potter, she was sinking in a deep dark depression after her mother passed away, her marriage failed, and she was a single mother on gov’t assistance. She poured her heart and soul into Potter. She is proof to Mj that no matter what you are in life and no matter how awful circumstances can be, you can still succeed. She knows what it’s like to hit Rock Bottom and feel like there’s nothing left to hold onto. She overcame, and she inspired Mj to FINALLY get serious about writing her own novels. Mj saw her life story shortly after suffering a nervous breakdown. She was bitten by the inspiration bug, and it was clear to her that she couldn’t continue sinking into her own world of torment and misery. She Began writing her novels, instead and with blind faith.

Jo also inspires Mj because she epitomizes everything she wants to do with her life and career as a writer. She wrote 3 books for charity: The Tales of Beetle The Bard (It was in The Deathly Hallows), Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (School Book in Potter) and Quidditch Through The Ages (A book constantly talked about in Potter). She created her own charity called Lumos, which benefits disadvantaged children all over the world. She gave SO MUCH of her own earnings to charity, that she LOST her BILLIONAIRE Status. SHE WAS RICHER THAN THE ROYAL FAMILY!!! It’s incredibly difficult for someone like Mj to not be heavily inspired by her!!!

This is why it drives Mj insane when People say “Harry Potter is for kids.” Because it’s not. It’s BRILLIANT Literature and it’s so much more than that to her. It ALWAYS will be.



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