Author Spotlight: Emma Lynn

Author Spotlight: Emma Lynn


I’ve written two Young Adult Fantasy stories, one with a dystopian outlook-The Dark Ones and Darkness Reigns. I’m currently working on a New Adult romance. It’s a standalone series, the first one titled Dare.
If I’m not writing, then I’m reading. I’m a sarcastic, Hello Kitty lovin’ lady. I prefer hot chocolate to coffee, which is ideal for a rainy afternoon while watching Doctor Who or some other fantasy-ish show.

Author Interview: Amy Stark

Author Interview: Amy Stark



1. What is your Name and/or Pen Name?

Amy Stark

2. Is there a special story that explains how you got your Pen Name, if you have one?

It’s my name.

3. Who is your Favorite Writer/Author?

I have a few. Bryan Davis, Melissa Marr, Mary Pope Osbore, Frank Beddor

4. What is your Favorite Book/Book Series

It’s hard to choose one.

Wicked Lovely Series, Graveminder, Looking Glass Wars, Dragon In Our Midst Series, Oracle of Fire Series

5. What made you decide to be a Writer?

It’s my way of expressing myself and escaping. My mom died

when I was fifteen years old and that helped me get through it.

6. Who/What inspires you the most to be a Writer?

My kids, family, friends

7. What do you find has been inspiring your Stories and Characters?

Life, observing others, not wanting to be like everyone else and make it stand out.

8. What do you ABSOLUTELY have to have with you while you are Writing?

My laptop

9. What kind of Music do you listen to, if any? Favorite Singer/Band?

Depends on mood. I like a variety.

10. What is your Favorite Research Tool?

Bing, wikipedia, dictionary 

11. What is your favorite part of Writing a Story/Novel/Song/Poem/Article?

Being in the moment and feeling like I’m there and not where I’m at.

12. What is your favorite Genre to Write/Read?

poetry, romance, fiction, fantasy

13. If you could only Choose 5 Novels, for the rest of your life, which ones do you choose?

I wouldn’t be able to choose just five because I love to read.

14. If you could meet any Writer, Living/Dead, who would it be?

Melissa Marr

15. What do you most want to Accomplish as a Writer?

To catch the eye of my readers and for many to read my books. I want them to feel something.


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Author Spotlight: Amy Stark

Author Spotlight: Amy Stark




I’m a single full time parent who has been writing since I was about twelve years old. It’s my way of letting it all out. I’m currently going to college to further my education. I’m working on a photography degree. I also love taking pictures. Before I went to college I had gotten my GED. When I was young I quit school and decided to go back for myself and to set a good example for my two boys who are my world.

I am currently working on another poetry book, but not sure what I’m going to name this one. I’ll know closer to when I’m finished with it. I’m also currently working on the fifth book into the Psychic Vampire Prophecies. 
So far I’ve only got thirty nine pages wrote. Right now I’m working on a birthday scene. This one will be the last one in the series so I’m taking my time. I’ve got a lot of ideas for this one because I’m cramming a lot into this one. There will be romance, death, and much more.
The Psychic Vampire Prophecies
Book Cover
Psychic Vampire Prophecies-Book One
Alexis and her twin Stephen are eighteen year old psychic vampires who are apart of a prophecy. They are the most powerful of their kind. Alexis has a lot of ups and downs in her life. She has a lot of decisions to make for her age, but handles them the best way she knows how with help and support from her brother and others along the way.
Psychic Vampire Prophecies-Book Two
After Alexis and Stephen lost their grandparents, their grandparents left something behind for each of them an ankh necklace and ring. They didn’t find out what they were meant for until the birthday they won’t ever forget.
Psychic Vampire Prophecies-Book Three
Things in Alexis life keep changing on this adventure. Her life seems to spin out of control and when she thinks things couldn’t get any worse they did. She has a rebellion whose hunting her.
Psychic Vampire Prophecies-Book Four
A lot of loss happens to everyone. Alexis thinks that things can’t get worse and they keep spinning out of control. She kept wondering was there any way up from here.
More Books Written by Amy Stark
Reaching Out
It’s a way for the kids to get the message that needs to be told in a fun way. It’s also a way to be funny and silly.
The Mirror Within Others and Me
It’s a reflection of others, the world, and me.
Ups and Downs in Life
It’s a way for me to express the ups and downs in my life.