The Official Release of ‘A Telltale Secret’

 The Official Release of ‘A Telltale Secret’



Hello Everyone!!! My Official Release Event for ‘A Telltale Secret’ is ONLY One Week Away!!! I am so excited, I want to jump out of my skin. I have MANY Giveaways planned, and could not be more grateful to the Authors and my Publisher for ALL of their Donations!!!

This is an Event You DO NOT want to miss!!!

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Here for you, ALL of the Donations and Links where you can find ALL of the Generous Donors!!!


Broken Bars Publishing

1461550_230011477172926_2137710133_n*** THE GRAND PRIZE ***

Broken Bars Publishing is Offering a FREE Publishing Contract to ONE Lucky Person!!!

Broken Bars Publishing on Facebook


Author Ronnie C. Dawson


Author Ronnie C. Dawson is Donating a Copy of his Book, ‘Irreconcilable Differences: Til Death Do Us Part’ for Every Copy of ‘A Telltale Secret’ Purchased on the Broken Bars Publishing Website, so you get 2 Books for the price of ONE!!!

*When You Purchase ‘A Telltale Secret’, You are contributing to the Global Fight against HIV/AIDS. Proceeds benefit (RED), which provides ARV’s (Anti-Retro Viral) Medication to those in 3rd World Africa who are Afflicted with HIV/AIDS. My Goal for 2015 is to go on a Mission Trip to 3rd World Africa and be a part of bring an AIDS FREE Generation into the World.

Author Ronnie C. Dawson on Facebook


Author Mj Rain


I will be Giving Away a Paperback Copy, Kindle Copy, and Nook Copy of ‘A Telltale Secret’. I’m also Giving Away 2 Necklaces Inspired by ‘A Telltale Secret’.

Author Mj Rain on Facebook


Author Gwen Selix


Author Gwen Selix is Donating a Kindle Copy of ‘Shadows of Pandora’ and a Signed Bookmark.

Author Gwen Selix on Facebook


Author Kate Marie Robbins


Author Kate Marie Robbins is Donating E-Copies of ‘Indigo’ and ‘Aine’s Freedom’ in Whichever Format the Winner Chooses.

Kate Marie Robbins on Facebook


Author K.M. Herkes


Author K.M. Herkes is Donating E-Copies of ‘Controlled Descent’ and ‘Flight Plan’ in the Winner’s Choice of Epub, Mobi, or Smashwords.

Author K.M. Herkes on Facebook


Author Mindy Larson


Author Mindy Larson is Donating a Signed Paperback of ‘This Morning I Woke Up Dead’.

Mindy Larson on Facebook


Author Clarissa Wild


Author Clarissa Wild is Donating an E-Copy of ‘FIERCE’.

Clarissa Wild on Facebook


Author Viv Drewa


Author Viv Drewa is Donating a Copy of ‘The Angler and The Owl’ in the Winner’s Choice of Kindle or Paperback.

Viv Drewa on Facebook


I’m With Geek


I’m With Geek will be holding a Contest in which You will have to ReTweet their Post on Twitter for a Chance to WIN a Kindle Copy of ‘A Telltale Secret’

I’m With Geek on Facebook


Speak Your Mind Radio


Brenda Williams, Host of Speak Your Mind Radio, is Donating an Author Spotlight on The Air with Lots of Listeners!!!

Speak Your Mind Radio on Facebook


Kristi Christensen


Kristi Christensen is Donating a set of the Nail Art she created, Inspired by the Cover Art for ‘A Telltale Secret’ from Jamberry Nails.

Kristi Christensen on Facebook




Twin brothers and writing partners, Diamant are Donating an E-Copy of ‘If Looks Could Kill’, a Night Boys Novel.

Diamant on Facebook


Wendi Starusnak


Wendi Starusnak is Donating a Signed Paperback of Detached.

Wendi Starusnak on Facebook


*With the Purchase of ‘A Telltale Secret’, You are Directly Impacting those in 3rd World Africa who are Afflicted with HIV/AIDS. Proceeds from the sale of each and every book are committed to (RED). (RED) Provides ARV (Anti-Retro Viral) Medication OR Days of Life to those in 3rd World Africa who are Afflicted. Help me be an Activist in The Global Fight Against HIV/AIDS. Help me Bring an AIDS FREE Generation into the World in 2015*




Author Spotlight-Viv Drewa

Author Spotlight-Viv Drewa




Viv Drewa is a Michigan native who has enjoyed reading and writing since 1963. Though she studied medicinal chemistry at the University of Michigan her passion has always been writing.

She had been awarded third place for her nonfiction short story about her grandfather’s escape from Poland. Later, she rewrote this story and was published in the “Polish American Journal” as “”From the Pages of Grandfather’s Life” and has republished it on as a short story.

Viv took creative and journalism courses to help in her transition to fulfill her dream of becoming a writer. She worked as an intern for Port Huron’s ‘The Times Herald”, and also wrote, edited and did the layout or the Blue Water Multiple Sclerosis newsletter “Thumb Prints.”
She also teaches sewing to physically and mentally challenged adults. A cause close to her heart.
Viv, her husband Bob and their cat Princess, live in Fort Gratiot, Michigan.
Viv also writes a blog for ShareTV.


‘The Angler and The Owl’



For 25 years France Hunter has been studying owls, and has discovered five new species around the world. Her work has kept her busy and she never had time for a relationship.

She travels with Jason “Doc” Bradley, a former paramedic, and his cousins Tony and Andy Bradley. Now, on her last outing she is joined by a magazine writer, Cathy Birch, and a world famous angler, John Sinclair, who has also dedicated his life to his field. 

As the small caravan travels to the Amazon river France falls and severely injures her left arm. Against Doc’s recommendation to turn back, she pushes on. This is her last trip and she wants to go to the place where she found her first new owl. 

While fishing a blue-ringed owl lands on John’s canoe and looks down the river to where France’s group is, and then looks back at him. This alerts John. He gets the satellite phone and tries to reach her to no avail. He decides the fishing can wait and, with Mark in another canoe, begin the journey back to France.

At France’s camp two jaguars attack one of the boatmen severing his left leg. The other two boatmen, they all have rifles, shoot at the jaguars killing one. The other escapes with the boatman’s leg. Doc and the others wake to the noise and he and Tony go to where the boatmen are camping. In the ruckus the canoes become untied and go eastward down the shore and the sat phone is destroyed. Now they have no way to get help and will have to wait for John’s team to come back, which could take three or four more days.

Will help get there in enough time?


Where You can Find Viv Drewa








Cover Reveal: Shadows of Pandora by Gwen Selix

Cover Reveal: Shadows of Pandora by Gwen Selix




When Pandora’s Box is opened after centuries of lying dormant, it’s up to Ariana, a young woman whose nightmares might be the key to everything, to save the world of Evermore from an inescapable darkness. With the fate of the world thrust upon her shoulders, will Ariana and her friends be able to overcome the hordes of legendary monsters causing chaos and destruction worldwide, or will the human race be doomed to extinction as Pandora’s army razes the land?




Where You Can Find Gwen Selix

Gwen Selix Official Website

Gwen Selix on Blogger/Blogspot

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Gwen Selix on Goodreads

Cover Reveal on Facebook for Shadows of Pandora

***Gwen will be Giving Away a Kindle E-Copy of ‘A Telltale Secret’!!!***